Upcoming Competitions

Upcoming Competitions

With all Swimming NSW State Championship events having been run and won before Christmas this season, January has been a very quiet month for competitive swimming. As January quickly passes, it is important to begin making plans for February, March and April.

February, March, and April is a time traditionally dominated by school swimming carnivals, so it is important to keep one eye on the upcoming club competitions. Club competitions during this period serve two distinct purposes:

1. To provide racing opportunities in events that will be swum in the school season, mostly 50s and 100s. This can significantly help our swimmers improve their racing skills and gain confidence.

2. To allow our swimmers to continue to swim in events which aren’t typically offered in school carnivals, generally 100s and up.

We want our swimmers focused on a wide range of events and distances, not just the 50s and 100s offered in school carnivals. This approach plays a major role in long-term development, improvement, and enjoyment for all swimmers.

Just remember, in order to compete you will need to be a registered member of Warringah Aquatic Swim Club. For further information, please click here.

If you require any further information regarding club competitions and events, please do not hesitate in contacting Tim, Kristin, or Sandi.