Competitive Swimming

Competitive Swimming

UPDATE:  Please visit our new website for all the latest information (this old website is no longer updated).

It is important to plan competitions throughout each year. Establishing a competition plan is critical for the coaching staff and the swimmers. For the coaches, the competition plan guides our seasonal, monthly, weekly, and daily training plans. It allows us to identify areas of strength and weakness in our swimmers, and helps us decide the type of work necessary, and when to deliver it. For our swimmers, the competition plan allows them to begin to set short-term training and competition goals, as well as long-term goals. Once our swimmers form their own goals, we can begin to look at the personal commitment required to reach their goals.

In general, our competition plan will consist of:
1. Club Nights & Club Meets run by Warringah Aquatic Swim Club
2. Targeted local and SMNE Area Club competitions (require official times)
3. Swimming NSW Championship meets (require official times)
4. Swimming Australia Championship meets (require official times)

If you follow along carefully, you will see that we have comprehensive competition plan to help all of our swimmers along the competitive pathway. The emphasis on which competitions to attend and compete in will depend on the swimmer’s current ability, experience, age, and goals. It is very important to finalize the competition plan with our professional and committed coaching staff. We want to avoid two things – swimmers who over-train and under-compete, and swimmers who over-compete, and under-train. It is the right combination of time spent training and competing that promote long term development for all of our swimmers. The competitive pathway is a visual looks like this:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between MyLANE/ClubLANE and Swim Central?

MyLANE or ClubLANE was the original administration system used by the Swimming community for SNSW Member registration, to enter Meets, and record swimmer’s times.  Swim Central is our new whole of sport administration system which has now completely replaced ClubLANE and MyLANE for all clubs and members in NSW. 

How do I enter meets via Swim Central?

Please read/download this quick reference guide for instructions on entering Meets.  It is important that every step is followed, especially steps 1-3.