Club Championships

UPDATE:  Please visit our new website for all the latest information (this old website is no longer updated).

Building on last year’s officially timed interclub race meets at WAC, we have not only provided a simple pathway for all our swimmers to gain official times for entry into some of the SMNE meets, but also a way of exposing swimmers to the routine & discipline of a race meet, yet in a friendly, fun environment.

In order to keep the race schedule meaningful & rewarding, the 3 race nights (April, June & August) that are confirmed will also contribute to The WASC Age Club championship.

All Club Championship Meets for the season are available for entering via Swim Central. 

2019 Meet program available here.


What are the WASC Club Championships?

The club Championships are aged races that are held over the course of 3 race nights in April, June, August each year. Races are run across a number of strokes including 50m and 100m events.  All the races are age and gender based, and times are not handicapped. Swimmers earn points for each championship race that they swim and the position they finish. The swimmers with the most points (from attendance at a minimum of 2 Championship Meets) will be awarded the Age Club Champion (Male & Female).

How it will be managed?

To be eligible to compete for the relevant Championship season, you must be a financial paid up member of the club & have competed in at least 2 (out of 3) of the race nights at the WAC.

Age Champions are determined based on points achieved from each race. A simple point scale of 1st =8pts, 2nd =7pts, 3rd =6pts etc, 8th and subsequent = 1pt

Age Groups (As at first Club Champs 6 April 2019)

Championship Age Groups
8 and 9 Years
10 Years
11 Years
12 Years
13 Years
14 Years
15 Years
16 Years